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'Voice of Revival' 1984 June/July p04

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Following on the tradition of the failed date-setting for 1953 (which they made while still part of the National Revival Crusade) the Revival Centres again blatantly predict the return of the Lord on or before September 17th, 2001. The Revivalists arrive at this date for at least two different reasons:

1. Revivalists and British Israelists subscribe to God's Great Week, a 7000 years theory (see the bottom of the article above). This belief argues Adam was created in 3996 B.C.E. and seeing as, 'a day is as a thousand years', the end of the sixth millennium (around the year 2000) would result in Christ's return.

2. The markings inside the Pyramid of Cheops, used by many Pyramidologists to set dates, stop at September 17th, 2001. Thomas Foster, Lloyd Longfield and Noel Hollins' former pastor in the NRC, made mention of a similar date. It seems they got this date from David Davidson's The Path to Peace in Our Time: Outlines from the Great Pyramid Prophecy (1942)

So there is even more evidence the Revival Centres have been involved with setting a date relevant to the return of Jesus Christ. Contrast this with the Revival Centres International statement on date-setting in which they claim they have never been party to this practice.

Interestingly, the Christian Assemblies International, a splinter group of the Revival Centres, still had this article on their website as late as 2011.


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