Sunday, 5 September 2010

'Voice of Revival' 1960 v02 n05 p01&08

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The Revival Centres were forever claiming the bible predicted the Soviet invasion of the Anglo-Saxon nations (see here for more) but of course this never happened and with the demise of the Soviet Union never will. 

Longfield here also claimed that Lybia, Persia and Ethipoia would become allied with Soviet Russia. History shows this to be a false claim as Ethiopia was the only one of these nations that allied itself with the Soviets.

As for the Russians coming right to our (Australia's) shores well, they didn't even make it to the UK let alone to Australia (see here).

Finally, there were many fruitful and lasting pacts and agreements made between the Soviets and Western nations, so the claim that all were 'doomed to failure' is pure drivel.

Verdict: FAIL!

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