Saturday, 21 August 2010

'Voice of Revival' 1960 v02 n03 p03

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It is likely that the above piece is some kind of Christian urban legend. While I could not find the myth's origins, I did discover that,
Since the 1940's most of the planetariums in the western world have presented a show on the Star of Bethlehem in what has become one of the newer Christmas customs. As the first Christmas shows are older than most planetariums (and most planetarians!) we have learned from each other and from those who went first and for the most part we all present shows that are quite similar and that have not changed dramatically in at least a generation. (source)
It seems that the Revival Centre article here has embellished the story somewhat and tried to change what was an intentionally designed Christmas show at a planetarium into some kind of accidental discovery proving the biblical birth narrative of Jesus.

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Verdict: CRAP!

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