Thursday, 19 August 2010

'Voice of Revival' 1959 v01 n06 p01

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In this article, Lloyd Longfield tries to persuade his readers that the Bible 'wonderfully' identifies Russia as the hammer and sickle (as this was the Communist symbol on the Soviet flag). The fact that he needed to merge two completely unrelated verses from totally different books of the Bible to make this claim didn't seem to deter Longfield at all. 

Longfield's prediction of the eventual destruction of the Soviet Union is simply false. While the Soviets certainly lost control over Russia, the counter revolution was mostly peaceful and Russia was anything but destroyed. In fact, Russia is still one of the most powerful nations in the world today. Even if Russia were destroyed at some stage in the future, it no longer identifies with the hammer (or sickle) thus making the verse in Jeremiah irrelevant.

Longfield also claimed that god had brought the Soviets down on these nations 'as chastisement' for rejecting him. Of course we can now look at Longfield's claims with scorn as the former Eastern Bloc nations are just as irreligious as they once were and yet are now free Democratic nations. In fact, Poland's resistance against Communism was influenced heavily by Pope John Paul II (himself Polish) and the Catholic Church, and any good Revivalist will tell you that they believe the Catholic Church is anything but an instrument of god.

Verdict: FAIL!

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